cybersecurity: 2-year and 4-year degrees

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The IT Cybersecurity (AAS) degree in Technology is a uniquely multifaceted discipline that is in high demand and embedded into all facets of industry. Students will learn theoretical and hands-on knowledge in identifying network vulnerabilities and threats and counteract with the appropriate security controls to maintain confidentiality, integrity and the availability of data and systems. As security breaches can involve law enforcement, students will learn concepts in criminal justice, law and evidence handling. Built into this program, is curriculum harnessing content from certifications such as Cyber Operations (CCBA CyberOps), CompTIASecurity+ and EC-Council Certified Ethical Hacker.

Learning outcomes

  • Identify and analyze ethical and legal issues related to
     IT security.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of current security concepts relative to policy development, physical security, network defence, and disaster and recovery planning.
  • Apply industry-standard IT security practices to protect against various social engineering and technical security risks.
  • Secure information as it exists on computer systems and as it transmits over networks.
  • Design and present an IT security proposal outlining security policies and procedures with technical hardware and software recommendations.

Unique features

  1. Industry-certified professors who have earned positions on Cisco Live and NBA IT DreamTeams
  2. Cisco Systems sponsored online curriculum utilized in certain courses
  3. Courses infused with hands-on learning in IT Computer Networking and Security VM
  4. Labs using Windows, Linux, Kali, Metasploitable, etc.
  5. Specialized course work towards industry certifications
  6. Transfer opportunities to four year degrees, e.g. through a long standing partnership with SUNY Plattsburgh, students can transfer the full credits taken in the Cybersecurity program of SUNY Adirondack into the SUNY Plattsburgh Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Security. The total length of this program will be 4 years (2 years with SUNY Adirondack and 2 years with SUNY Plattsburgh)

What can you do with a Cybersecurity degree?

There are many career paths and educational opportunities available to those with cybersecurity experience, traditionally known as information security, as the ability to secure data is fundamental to all industries. Cybersecurity positions include:

    • Information Security Analyst/Specialist/Auditor
    • Information Assurance Analyst
    • Computer Security Specialist
    • Network and Computer System Administrator
    • Network Support Technicians
    • Security Architect
    • Cyber Operations Specialist


In the cybersecurity program, alongside the core cybersecurity and information technology classes, students will also take required general education and elective classes.


  • Information Assurance
  • Introduction to Networking
  • Networking Fundamentals (CCNA 1)
  • Introduction to Criminal Justice
  • LAN/WAN Technologies (CCNA 2)
  • Network Security I
  • Server Administration
  • IT Security Essentials
  • Introduction to Internet Development or Introduction to Programming in a Windows Environment or Introduction to Programming
  • Network Security II (CCNA CyberOps)
  • Criminal Evidence
  • Ethical Hacking and Defense
  • IT Networking/Cybersecurity Internship or Advanced Networking Technologies
  • Freshman Experience


  • Introduction to College Writing


  • SUNY GEN ED Basic Communication


  • SUNY GEN ED Mathematics


  • SUNY GEN ED Natural Science lab Science


  • SUNY GEN ED Social Science



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