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Choose from a variety of courses in the general education areas of humanities, social sciences, and sciences to accelerate your studies to specific majors at SUNY Adirondack such as Cybersecurity or continue your career path on one of the hundreds of programs through their academic partners in the US or here in Qatar.



The IT Cybersecurity (AAS) degree is a uniquely multifaceted discipline that is in high demand and embedded into all aspects of the industry.

In particular, SUNY Adirondack has a seamless transfer agreement with SUNY Plattsburgh so that graduates of this program can continue their studies and receive a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Security.

Students will learn theoretical and hands-on knowledge in identifying network vulnerabilities and threats and counteract with the appropriate security controls to maintain confidentiality, integrity and the availability of data and systems. As security breaches can involve law enforcement, students will learn concepts in criminal justice, law and evidence handling. Built into this program, is curriculum harnessing content from certifications such as CyberOperations (CCBA CyberOps), CompTIASecurity+ and EC-Council Certified EthicalHacker.



Our innovative and flexible liberal arts options enable you to create a programme of study that suits your own interests. Select from a wide range of courses across the Arts, Humanities, Sciences and Social Sciences and gain a broad-based education that will enhance your employability and provide an ideal platform for work or further study


Transfer courses

One of the many strengths offered by the collaboration of the SUNY Adirondack participation in the GSI initiative at the Aspire and NSA facilities is the ability to transfer credits to other universities. Being part of the largest system of public higher education in the United States, SUNY Adirondack has established a multitude of career pathways for its students.