General Education
in the Liberal arts


As a member of the State University of New York, SUNY Adirondack is committed to offering a series of courses that comprise the general education components for numerous US colleges and universities, including those in Qatar. The courses are specifically chosen to satisfy a broad set of requirements that serve as the foundation of many bachelor’s degree programs with whom SUNY Adirondack has transfer agreements. They can also be applied to associate’s degrees at SUNY Adirondack itself such as the Associate in Liberal Arts: Humanities and Social Sciences, Associate in Liberal Arts: Math and Sciences, Associate in Applied Science – Cybersecurity and Associate in Applied Science – Mechatronics.

Learning outcomes

The learning outcomes for each course in the general education component of the curriculum are different but the overall philosophy remains the same. We want for all of our students to have a strong grounding in a variety of various disciplines that will give them a broad based education that can be applied as a guide in determining their academic passion or confirming their initial pathway. Furthermore, exposure to a variety of different academic disciplines develops an appreciation for various forms of inquiry and helps to shape the future of its students: setting them up for a lifetime of success no matter what avenue they may wish to pursue in their academic careers and beyond.


The following comprises a partial list of courses that are taught by SUNY Adirondack that are considered to be part of the general education program in the liberal arts. Note that not all of the courses will be offered every semester to students studying in Qatar.


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